Welcome to the Self-Love MOVEment ,
where Love is the "New" Universal Language!

Humanity has come to a Conscious Collective Awakening of the Self and our growth is affected and continues to effect our lives without our really knowing or our wanting it to and to really live and lead a life with our Highest Good in the Front Seat beside us, we must learn to negotiate and navigate through life with each other on a Conscious Spiritual Level.
In order to do that, one must start the process of getting to know Themselves, and making peace with Their Past.
When we find Resolution to the Past, we are Living Fully for the Present Day and the Present Moment, and we are able to Let Go of the Pains of the Past.
Let me TELL you.
This is when Life as we know it turns Chaotic/Dramatic/Depressing, etc Out Of Balance. 
In order to release/let go of/clear the car out of unwanted strangers/passengers, We Must Take Charge of our Personal Relationship, by Learning to make friends with ourselves as Adults, and the best way to do so is to truly learn to LOVE ourselves through thick and thin, good and bad, high and low.
In other words, Marry Yourself! 
Commit to YourSelf in all the ways you would wish someone else to commit to you as a Loving Partner.

And Why on Earth?

Well, where else would we start, if not Here?

  • What is The Self-Love MOVEment?

It is a group page/forum for the community to interact and share their experiences of Self Love, their own practices, and daily posts written by founder Intuitive Spirit Medium/Life Coach/Life Time Lover Cara Houpt, aka Chippy Love.

  • Why, oh Why on Earth?:

Why did You come up with the Idea of 'The Self-Love MOVEment'?
The idea of Self-Love has been extremely important to me, since as far back as I can remember(phew that's a long way back), and being a person born into the Venus Ruled month of Autumn, or better known to some as the month of LIBRA, I am ruled by the concept of building bridges with the world at large through (Self)LOVE and Relationships.
Whether that be through Marriage, Friendships, Siblings, Cousins, ANCESTRY, we ALL need to Foster and Nourish our Relationships in life, and what better place to start than start with Ourselves. 
Our Relationship with our Parents kick starts our bonding with ourSelves and eventually with our families, and later on with the world. 

  • When did the come to you to start the Self-Love MOVEment?

I had the epiphony one day, as I was walking home from being out with friends one evening, to start a community page called Self-Love Movement, to be a Loving Reminder for my friends and family, as a kind of Daily Mantra Practice, that Self Love is our Ultimate Freedom and in order to achieve Grace and Unity in this lifetime, we MUST practice Self Love. 

Without Self Love, there is no chance of our survival as a race/species and there is just no chance of co-existing with anyone, Not even Ourselves.

When someone is able to Live with themSelves, and with complete comfort and acceptance, they are able to lead the way for others by Living by example. 

A few Leading examples of this ideal come to mind for me, through the few people that I have listed below, that have been my Main source of Inspiration and Guidance:

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Elizabeth Gilbert, Enya, Annie Lennox, Bjork,
Ruth Gutierrez Zamora, Noreen Kassam, Wayne Mouland

To name a few. 
These people, whether they are Authors, Speakers, Singers, Monks, Priests, Regular humans, they have made a difference in my own life and have been the very same Gentle Loving reminder to practice Self Love.
It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, the point is we must practice Self Love at all times in order to maintain the Peace.

Cara was lead to start the community group Self Love MOVEment on facebook page
to be the Loving reminder to all, that our happiness and humanity starts with Self Love, and in Loving ourselves down to the smallest imperfection, or frustration, we are taking complete responsibility for our own Joy, and Health and ultimately stepping into complete harmony with God and the Universe. 

Every day is a conscious choice to show up with an open heart and open mind. Each time we choose to express Love and Gratitude for the many blessings in our lives, as taught through the 5 Reiki precepts, we are no longer allowing despair or suffering to take up space in our conscious lives and we remain open to the joy and harmony that Life truly wants us to partake in.

Reiki - The 5 Basic Principles: 
Each day, we are given the conscious choice to choose our reactions to Life, and all that actively comes into our lives. 
We have the control over how we decide to React in any given situation, through family, friends, and society at large. 
Dr. Usui Mikao teaches through his practice of Reiki that we are ultimately Responsible for our Reactions, and for our Energy output and intake.
With this in mind, we can find discretion in our Reactions, and how we choose to Show up to Life.
With each Reiki Principle, we are taught Patience, Respect, and Diligence.
As we go throughout our day, we have the Responsibility to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves if we were able to abide by these 5 basic principles, much like we abide by the basic principles of the 10 commandments, and our basic human needs/rights of eating, breathing, laughing, crying, and living.
As all humans have basic Human Needs, these 5 Principles were created to help us get in touch with our Intrinsic Spirit.

-1- Just for today, I will not be angry. 

-2- Just for today, I will not worry. 

-3- Just for today, I will do my work honestly. 

-4- Just for today, I will respect my neighbor. 

-5- Just for today, I will treat all living creatures with loving kindness.