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Below are a list of rates and gift options. 
All funds go directly to Chippy, and to your Highest Good.
For any other inquiries, please direct yourself to the Contact Us page, and drop us a line!

*PayWhatYouCan* is also available for those that are interested but cannot afford a full rate, or are interested in offering an energy exchange rate. 
Consultations, and getting to know what Reiki has to offer you, will always be free. For all Beginners and Intermediates, book your first free 1 hour consultation with Chippy today, and get a mini energetic bio-field reading, what your body is telling you, and what your dharma/karma is in this lifetime (your life path). 

Beginner -  Get to know the brief history of Reiki, its origins, and what it can do for you and has already done for us as a collective for the past 200 years and counting. For those that have never experienced Reiki or a treatment but are keen to understand the schematics and logistics of what this ancient Holistic Practice has to offer, this is for you! 

  • Intro to Reiki & a 35 min treatment - $35

Intermediate -
For those that have experienced a few Reiki treatments in the past, but have felt a calling to start receiving treatment again, or have an interest in receiving more on a consistent basis, this is for you.

  • 60 min(1 hour) Reiki treatment & Intuitive Bio reading -  $60

  • 90 min (1.5 hours) Reiki treatment & Guided Meditation - &100

  • 90 min (1.5 hours)Reiki & Guided Meditation w/ 1 follow up Reiki treatment - $150

    Advanced -
  • 90 min(1.5 hours) Reiki & Guided Meditation w/ 2 follow up Reiki treatments - $200

  • 120 min(2 hours) Reiki treatment & Intuitive Bio Reading - $265

  • 120 min (2 hours) Reiki treatment & Intuitive Coaching - $300

  • Gift your family or friends a treatment, for $150, and receive a free treatment strictly held as a form of energy exchange.

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