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Cara Houpt Cara Victoria Chaya Houpt, or better known just simply as Cara or Chaya by friends and family, works as an Intuitive Healer and Reiki practitioner as well as an artist, and a fashion designer of Conscious clothing, that is made with love and blessed with Reiki for your Highest Good. She is highly active within her community, and is constantly working on building stronger roots in the Greater Toronto. Cara was born into a Yoga and Meditation household, consciousness and nutrition, and is by no means short of awareness when it comes to Global concerns, and is always doing her part to bring healing and unity through her work as Unconditional Love, and her Intuitive healing practice(s).

Spring 2017 and beyond

December 7, 2016
To whomever follows this blog, get ready!
I know I don't post as often on HERE, as I do as Here:
Nonetheless, I have many many projects on the horizon, in the incubator process of evolution, and will be in the building process come this Spring 2017. 
Keep your eyes peeled for up-and-coming workshops for Ayurvedic Nutrition Meal Planning for the New year, what to include into our diets to live a happier healthier life style, and what to cut out or cut back on. 
Also, keep your eyes peeled for up-and-coming workshops for living a sustainable Life through Upcycling!
Not to give away too much, too soon, as these are mostly coming to me at the Spur of the Moment, but these are just a few teasers for what is in store. 
Thank you for keeping in touch, for those that do, and thank you to those that are just newbies to the world of Chippy Love!
Spread the Love, please like and share my facebook page, and get the word out; There's a new Gal in town, she goes by the name of Chippy Love ;) Or better known as Cara (C'est Moi!). 

Mad Love! 

Peace out y'all!


Masters status and Teachers status

November 7, 2016
As of today, I am on my journey of becoming a Reiki Master & Teacher.
Today was my first initiation with my current teacher, and was attuned for the second time to Reiki Level 1. 
My energy has been skyrocketting, and it has left me feeling extremely invigorated! 
All that has been coming through my life, since my decision to live my life for myself back in 2015, has been directing and guiding me to my highest potential, and my highest joy. 

I would like to share a few things in regards to Reiki ...
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Reiki and more

October 12, 2016
The work on oneself in a lifetime is ongoing, and so is my practice and so are my services. 
To say that I am complete in my practice would be a lie, because it will never be complete in one lifetime.
So instead I will say it is always under construction and always a work in progress. 
So is my work as an entrepreneur, and a Reiki practitioner. 
Currently my website is still under construction as I am in the midst of building a new look and a new platform to offer my services as a Reiki Practitio...
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Chippy Love v32.0

September 7, 2016
So it's been some time since I've paid any mind to this site, but it's been a-calling me to get things restarted, and as I always do, I start from scratch and work from the ground up. 
Expect to see more posts on here from me, channeling as Chippy Love, or simply as me myself and I; Cara. 
Having said that, Welcome!
I have many new projects on the horizon, but my current baby is my facebook group page titled SelfLove MOVEment here:

Please do join me, if...
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A "rare" occasion..

June 9, 2015
Well, it's that time again.. when I am staying up late and burning the midnight oil to finish a gift for a friend that is having a baby at the end of the summer.
It brings back memories of when I was "working for myself" and would spend hours joyously creating pieces at whim, with absolute creative freedom.
I suppose I'm trying to say, I miss doing this?
:) Pictures to follow soon!

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Custom orders - Attention!

December 19, 2013
So it is that time of year again, and suddenly I got a few wonderful custom orders.
I had a feeling a few orders would come my way, as it's Christmas soon and almost every year without fail, someone needs a last minute gift for friends or family, and at the last minute I am scrambling to get everything finished.
I am happy to be busy, but I really need to state one thing: last minute orders of any kind are a bit of a frustration. I am usually left to find my materials all too late, and people...
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Hopes for the New year

December 4, 2013
This past spring, I decided to uproot myself and relocate across the ocean, to Beirut Lebanon to be with my beau and soon after we were married. Lots of adjusting and change has been going on over the past 6 or so months! Now that I have come back to a good pace and finally am ready to get back to work, it's still utterly slow and painstaking trying to get Creatively Cara back up to snuff. Not only am I looking for work(yet again..) but I am also having to do much more handy work on getting b...
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March 4, 2012
Hey guess what!? Creatively Cara is on a Spring BLOW OUT sale! 
Everything in stock, that is not a huge amount, MUST go by the end of spring! 
Please check out my facebook fan page for more details:
and here's the actual event page:

Act now and you can be first to choose! As I said, stock is limited, but each piece will be so worth it you'll be wanting more!
Thanks and keep in touch for further new stock!...

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February 16, 2012
Well, it's a new year, and almost spring! I have been slightly forgetful of CC, kind of took a break from updating this ole clunker... but now we're here and we're updating ya'll on what's new! 
I have lots of cute new scarves that need pictures taken and posted, so that will be up soon. 
I also have a friends wedding coming up, so I have been working away on her beautiful present ( will be a cozy blanket/throw). 
Lady month was slipper crazy, I had been making so many of them, I was on a slippe...

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Review of this month

August 23, 2011
Well. Looking back over this month, I'd say it was a near death experience for anyone and everyone who went through the proverbial fire and brimstone storms that was this so called August.
I don't think I've gone through this much intensity/overwhelming-ness in a LONG time; and no I can't say it was at all enjoyable.
As much as I am cursing it all, I do see where I have learned from all of the experiences(good, and mostly bad), where I can grow from that knowledge, and where I feel like I just ...

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